I'm back! New Hobbies and Interests

It's been a while since I've posted and I do apologize for the absenteeism. It's been a crazy and busy time between being promoted four times at work, no longer doing roller derby and trying to find my zen of what makes me happy outside of work.

Last I wrote, I was in a creek having the time of my life. I LOVE playing in creeks, looking for rocks and treasures. It's so serene and beautiful that you just can't help but sit and take it all in. The sounds of the water moving across the rocks, woodpeckers tapping away and the silence of technology. Being that I work from home and run multiple teams of tech support Advisors, I need that time to step away and reflect on things. We, as a society, get too wrapped up in what's going on with Facebook or taking selfies. I'm sure there's other things kids do these days. But really, can't we all step away from our devices/computers and take in some nature or learn about our history? It's just a shame to see how little folks care about their surroundings, when it's so rich and full of information.

Anyway, enough of my old person bantering. During Christmas, I received a metal detector. I waited all Winter and Spring to get out there and test it out. Then it rained, rained some more and then heat advisories. After waiting 6 months, I've finally been able to take her out and see how she works. Let's just say, my first go around in the backyard let me know that someone who lived here before me fo sho liked themselves some Budweiser. After having enough of beer cans and pull tabs, I decided to head to the creek as I never see anyone in our local park or creek.

It rained 4 inches/hour the night before, so unfortunately I could only so some of the side of the creek a short distance, but that wasn't stopping me from finding some treasures! As I went, I noticed I was getting A LOT of signals that no matter how much I dug, I wasn't finding anything. Then there was the balancing act of not dropping the metal detector in the water and digging. Don't forget that the pinpoint is also not water proof. D'oh! So after being frustrated I took a seat and just took in the creek and scenery. It was worth taking that moment to remind myself that this was a beautiful place and that I'd always get to come back and try again.

It's so FLUFFY!

Love taking photos of mushrooms <3

Noticed I was sitting next to a moss covered rock.

After trying the creek, I decided I wanted to take a try at doing our local beaches. I purchased a sand scoop online and today took off to get permission from the parks department and see what I could find. I ended up having some great success and started next to a jungle gym hoping to find some coins. I did find $0.26 and quite a few nails. I'm glad I was able to locate those to keep children from getting stabbed in the feet by those. Ouch! I got super excited at one point thinking I found a very large pendant, but it ended up being a very large sinker.

I ended up digging 14 holes on half of the beach for two hours before it was time for me to adult for the rest of the day. I hope to get back out there and do the other half again soon.

Here are my finds for both times I went out (Creek at the top; Beach at the bottom):

Not bad for my first two times :)

Next on my list:
  1. Set up a metal detecting belt for land and water detecting.
  2. Buy a waterproof pin pointer
  3. Contemplate if I want to joint he others I idiolize on YouTube and make my own videos...hmmmm.
  4. Continue to set up my backpack with essentials for best practice and safety.
  5. Locate a ring!


The Beginnings of a Great Adventure - Yellow Creek

Today I decided to venture in to my childhood desires and walk in our local creek. I have been daydreaming about getting in this creek for the past two weeks. I have lived in my current town for almost three years and had no idea we had a creek until my fiance showed me.

Since finding out about this awesome little creek, I have been watching non-stop YouTube videos on rockhounding and metal detecting. Today, rain or shine, I was getting in this creek! I got up at 6:00am, drove 20 minutes to our local Wal-Mart and purchased water shoes. I found a great deal for some OP water shoes for $10 that have rubber on the front of your toes. Definitely wanted this for protection from glass or stubbing my toes on rocks. Of course, I forgot the strainer I was going to need... my excitement got the best of me it seems. I grabbed breakfast, got home and changed in to my new water shoes.

I am a professional creek walker! At least this is what my inner child was telling me. I packed my "satchel", found a colander in my house, a rusty spade, and packed any precious goods in a plastic bag. I had decided to take my motorcycle because Marla doesn't get to go on many adventures... low and behold she wouldn't start. I guess she was sleeping in lol.

I got to our local park, and of course some weirdo (with no kids) is sitting in his car playing on his iPhone.... I was a little weirded out. No matter though, I'd just punch him in the throat if need be. Off I went all proud and awesome with my new water shoes to the creek.

OMG OMG OMG! I'm finally going to walk this creek!

This is by far, one of the best feelings in the world!

At this point, my inner child is running around splashing and super proud of themself. This is going to be a glorious summer!

The roots are so neat when the dirt has eroded away.


In my head, I would have walked this for miles... little did I know it got pretty deep. No worries though, I just need a kayak to get to my next destination. I will not be slowed down by this trench of water! There is so many rocks that I could barely contain myself from bringing them all home. The best part of this whole trip (besides the rocks), I could hear the trickling of the water and the sounds of the birds (tons of woodpeckers!) and insects. It was really nice to not worry about my iPhone, Facebook, email, work, etc. I can't wait to go back again. 

I tried to roll up my pants, but it was just too deep. I wasn't sure if it was going to go up to my waist since I could no longer see the floor of the creek.

What did I bring home:

I guess we have super tiny shells in the creek. They were too cute to leave behind.

This is the first rock I found that is very orange, with spots of a crystal of some kind.

I continue to find these orange and white spots crystal rocks. I have more than these two.

This looked more like crystal under the water. Once I clean it up, I'll have a better idea.

I brought home more than this, but too many pictures to show. After I clean these rocks up, I will try and post more photos. Fingers crossed, we got something cool!

Oh and here's the tools I used for today:


OMOMOMNIVORE! - Project 10 & 11

Yesterday I headed on an awesome adventure of craftiness with my favorite ginger in the world!

I brought the dinosaurs, gold spray paint, and saw.

She brought the glue gun, crayons, canvas', hair dryer, corn on the cob holders and sushi (she knows me too well)!

With three awesome little boys, we set off on picking out our favorite dinosaurs and cutting them in half, choosing our favorite color corn cob holders, and gluing the holders into the dinos.

The boys can't wait to use them :)

Dino Corn on the Cob Holders!




So much glue...

After having sushi and some yummy wine, we went outside and made some pretty dinosaurs with some gold spray paint.


 Such a sweetheart :)

My favorite ginger in the world making some awesome art!

 The reds turned out so bright and awesome!

 Yay for poop brown...

Can't wait to hang this bad boy up!

What I learned during these projects:
  1. It's always more fun to craft with others.
  2. Choosing a color palette was so much easier as a kid.
  3. Even though it isn't perfect, kids will always think it's cool.
  4. I love children crafts!
  5. I need more hand made artwork for my walls.


Happy Birthday! - Project 9

Today is my fiance's birthday! Happy 33rd birthday to the goober in my life! I decided that this week I would make him a surprise birthday wreath that is special for our birthdays and is brought out on for that day for the rest of our lives.... or until it falls apart haha.

I fell in love with the balloon wreath that I came across on Pinterest awhile ago, and thought how perfect this would be when we start our own little family.

So I set out on Monday after work to the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the Dollar Tree was not selling straw wreaths at this time of the year and their balloon selection was very poor. So off to Wal-Mart I went.

Here is what I purchased (on two trips):

  • One straw wreath (leave in plastic to keep from falling apart)
  • 11 packages of 30 count balloons in multiple colors (7-inch balloons)
  • 5 packages of 50 count greening pins (extra packages for just in case)

After pinning balloon after balloon to the wreath, I was finally able to show off my creation to Mike. He laughed when he saw it at first and then had to touch it. He said it felt 'funny' and is now wants to get it out for my birthday haha.

I think I'll be making my own Halloween birthday wreath.

Altogether this took about 3 hours of pinning along with one episode of iZombie and Jupiter's Ascending to keep me entertained. My poor thumb is about to fall off! I suggest using something on your thumb or using something to press the pin into the wreath.

So here it is!


I think it looks great, just need a few more balloons for the inside.

Yep just a few more since you can see the wreath.

It adds such a cute pop of color in our living room too!


What I learned during this project:

  1. 150 balloons was not enough for this project as advised on tutorial.
  2. Start on projects sooner instead of last second.
  3. Balloon selections suck at most stores... should've checked a party store.
  4. If balloon colors were of choice, an ombre balloon wreath would be awesome!
  5. I'm pretty sure my thumb is literally going to fall off.


Project 8 - All About the Beads, Part II

Why not continue with some more beads! After finishing my teal multi-strand necklace, I decided to continue on to project 8 with some left over beads.

About four years ago, I learned at our local library for $5 how to bead loom with a shoe box, duct tape, two combs, and three brass brads. Fortunately, I did not have to put this Frankenstein creation together, but I'm not going to lie it's probably the most thrifty thing I own that actually works. The owner of our local bead store even wants to see it she's so amazed it works haha.

If you're interested in learning to bead loom, it is super easy to do! You can even pick up a bead loom at Meijer or Walmart for around $8 - $15. You can purchase seed beads from the store and pick up FireLine 6lb Type D fishing line as well. The fishing line will last for awhile if you don't plan to use 64 strands of it in one necklace.

You can learn to bead loom here:

I have weaved the bracelet, but have yet to take it off the loom since I am lacking the appropriate clasp that I would prefer to use over the beads and string in the video above.

Enough of my yammering, here it is:

This is the beading needle I purchased for $0.75. I would also suggest locating a lid that you can put your beads into so they don't run off.

Here is my janky bead loom box. The brads are used as an anchor for your threads.

Here it is on the loom. The beads that I used for the white are not of great quality so they are not the same size like the teal beads. I'm ok with the bracelet being a bit chunky and organic.

Ah, love that teal!

What I learned during this project:
  1. Definitely did not take me more than two minutes to remember how to do this project.
  2. I would like to invest in a better loom to make some much nicer bracelets.
  3. I certainly did not poke myself in the finger as much as I thought I would. In fact, I only did once.
  4. I spent more time choosing a pattern and figuring out how many lines of beads I needed, than actually doing it.
  5. I have to find something to wear this with.


Project 7 - All About the Beads...

FINALLY! I have finished poking myself in the finger with my beading needles and can now show off my two newest projects. Only took two weeks and a horrible cold to get around to them.

After getting a hold of my beading kit that I had let my sister borrow, I was off on my mission to re-learn some beading techniques. Not that I was a pro beader, but after a few years I had picked up on a few things to get through a project or two I wanted to try.

I decided to create the multi-strand bead necklace and bead loom a bracelet. I have never created a multi-stranded necklace before and felt that it couldn't really be that difficult to string some beads and attach a clasp.... of course I was wrong.

Here is the necklace I just had to copy because I LOVED the color and was imagining what outfit I could make this work with (maybe next year I'll do a 52 fashion outfits? NAH!):

I'm of course never going to spend $220 on a necklace, let alone purchasing something I know I can make. So I headed to our local bead shop and spoke with the owner who was nice enough to show me the correct clasp and special order turquoise beads that matched. She even gave me a great discount!

In all, I used one hook and eye clasp that is silver plated brass (I don't like to wear gold colored jewelry) and almost 6 hanks of beads. I unfortunately, could not tell you the size of these beads. I stopped by Wal-Mart to grab new jump rings, bead tips and FireLine fishing line as suggested by the Bead Store Owner as well. I purchased all of this for around $35. I luckily already have all of the necessary tools and E6000 glue from previous projects.

So here it is:

I pulled out my bead board to keep an eye on these puppies. They have a tendency of getting all over the place!

Beading station is a go!

Altogether there are 64 strands of thread, 32 bead tips, 16 strands of beads, 4 jump rings and of course one clasp.

It's so beautiful!

Totally in love with it!

What I learned during this project:
  1. If I ever plan to make another necklace, I will be choosing something much smaller haha.
  2. Still need more teal in my life.
  3. I felt the need to be a perfectionist, but in the end it looks awesome!
  4. I need more jewelry for outfits.
  5. I will be finding loose beads all over the floor for the next few days.


Lack of Communication for Project 7

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I have been diligently working on Project 7 between roller derby events and practices. I didn't realize Project 7 would take longer than a few hours and have slowly been chipping away at it.

Here's a sneak peek photo of what I've been working on:

Love the teal!